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I have been so quiet.  I think it’s because I’m slightly terrified of what is next.  I read my old blog and I don’t know that I know that person anymore.  New fears have replaced the old ones… and these fears somehow seem heavier than ever.  Well, I think I used to be funny (emphasis on “I think”).  It’s hard to have a sense of humor when the consequences of this not working out are so much more serious this time around. 

I don’t think I would survive.  That’s some super scary shit.

So it’s easier to be quiet. 


I try to lie and tell myself that I am not that huge.  I said this to my husband and he said… “Yea, keep telling yourself that.”  HAHAHAH!  As I near the end of the second trimester, it’s time I wear strictly maternity clothes.  Up until this point, I could get away with a non maternity shirt with maternity pants, or vice versa.  About two weeks ago this stomach just popped out of no where. 

I am officially 26 weeks. Insane. 

Hallmark has Christmas ornaments out.  I walked by and one caught my attention.  “Babies first Christmas 2013.”  I had to buy it.  I also cried in Hallmark by myself like a freak.  Never ever ever did I think we would ever get to this point.  The moments that force me to realize that this is actually a reality are the ones that make me super emotional. 

Purchasing things for the baby is a slippery slope.  Once you start, you can not stop.  I’m obsessed. 

Operation “Get babies Room” together is in full effect.  I am so excited about the room that I can barely contain myself.  I purchased the crib on Craigslist a while ago.  We just got a changing table from Ikea for $50.00, and I re purposed an office armoire  that we’ve had for years.  My husband has his work clothes in the closet in that room, instead of relocating it I decided to convert the armoire into a closet for her.  I also have a grandmother that is a pretty amazing sewer.  Instead of purchasing the bedding, I bought fabric and I’m having her make a crib skirt, a rail cover (instead of a bumper), curtains, a crib quilt and some pillows for the floor.  I hate to admit to a theme, but it’s under the sea… (kind of).  More adult like… I just hate the kiddy stuff out there.  So far sea horses and mermaids with a coral printed fabric are the main stars.  I can not wait for my grandmother to finish up the bedding.  The walls are currently painted a blue, grey, green and I plan on keeping them that way partly because Im lazy and partly because I like the room semi neutral with pops of color.




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  1. You have definitely been quite! I love when I see a new post from you 🙂 I completely understand the terror that you are going through. Congrats on 26 weeks! I am at 18 this Saturday. Can you believe it? This just might finally happen for the both of us.

    I love the under the sea theme for the babies room. What a great idea! I have absolutely NO clue as to what we will be doing yet. As of right now, we don’t have space for these babies. We have a room, but it is currently full of a lot of crap. We must get to work….

    I am so excited and happy for you and will just continue hoping/praying/crossing my fingers and all that jazz that eventually we will be seeing some pics of this little one. If you are going to share pictures that is…. I can’t wait!

    • Thank you… Im trying to put these pictures on here as we speak, lol! Technology is not cooperating. Im so happy for you!!! 18 weeks! It’s crazy.

      We also had to do some serious cleaning/tossing/donating to find the room for the baby. Once it’s done, you wont believe how good it feels. Im really glad we got working on this room earlier than later. As more time passes, I just get more and more lazy and bending over is quite the challenge. Get on it!!! 🙂

  2. I love the theme of the baby’s room! We are doing a similar one. 🙂 Congrats on 26 weeks!! I wish we had started sooner…I am 37 weeks today and the room is not set up yet. oops!

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