Wtf just happened?!?


Where did I leave off?? Oh right, preeclampsia. What a bitch that is!

Sometime around the end of September I was in and out of the hospital for issues relating to blood pressure. The end of September I was admitted to the hospital due to the preeclampsia. My blood pressure meds were not working. Basically, I stayed there hopped up on drugs until the delivery of Little Miss. What I didn’t realize about the hospital is that you are basically hooked up to a fucking monitor indefinitely! So if you fall asleep and move, someone comes in and wakes you up. You end up getting about 4 hours of sleep per day, on a good day. Oh, and your family thinks you’re bored and wants to give you things to keep you busy, but what they don’t understand is that the simplest of tasks… Like going to the bathroom feels like you just ran a marathon because you are so out of breath. All you want to do is sleep, but the universe has other plans. The minute you close your eyes, in pops that mother in law, the church people wanting to pray for you, the doctors, the high risk doctors, the gestational diabetes doctors, your regular ob, the team that wants to discuss your gestational diabetes, the dietitians, the people that want to get your order for food selection, the nurse that wants to check your blood pressure, give you drugs, collect every single pee you have FOREVER, more family, shut your eyes and one of these people will be there to wreck your world within minutes. So by week 4, I was exhausted.

When I was first admitted the kind doctors from the NICU unit came and talked to us. They basically told us all of the things that were going to go wrong when the baby is delivered this early. I suppose their intention was to prepare us for the worst. Mission accomplished. What a horrible feeling. I just felt like I was failing this baby.

At one high risk ultrasound appointment, it was detected that the baby stopped growing. The doctor was actually pretty great. He told me that she’s better in than out, but that likely I would be induced soon, because the baby was measuring in THE SIXTH PERCENTILE. Oh my god, I wanted to die on that day. How could this be happening?? The blood pressure effects the placenta and nutrients don’t flow to the baby as they once had. She went from being average to being in the 6th percentile. She was weighing an estimated 3 pounds 4 ounces at the time 32 weeks (I think).

This was mid October-ish. That day, for some unknown reason, I was released from the hospital. Oddly enough, my baby shower was that weekend and was happening with or without me. So it was good to have one last moment outside of the hospital. I knew once word got to my doctor on the babies growth, that I was done. So I went to my shower. I could barely walk, but I did it.

At the shower, everyone was talking about December, the babies due date. By the end of the shower someone that knew asked me when I thought she would make an arrival. I just blurted out… I’ll be shocked if I’m still pregnant by the end of the week.

Well it turns out, I was right. On oct 24th, the little princess arrived. She was 3 pounds 8 ounces.

I’ll talk more about her delivery later, and her lengthy stay in NICU but for now… I leave you with this
K to the O to the R to the A Grace.




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  1. Omgoodness, look how cute and beautiful she is! I’ve been wondering about you. I am currently on day 4 in the hospital and hoping for 8 more days to make it to 34 weeks. I can’t wait to read more about your birth story and how things have been going since then.

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